About Us

DataCenter ForceGameHosting is no longer a hosting company.
i do have years of experiance in the Hosting/Game-Hosting/Voice-Hosting scene
it all started back in 2007 with the online gaming community called jointheforce
i start managing their dedicated server and i learned al lot.
not soon after that i decided to start a little hosting company whit a name that was linked to the online gaming community.
and from that moment ForceGameHosting was born.
We rented out game servers for almost 5 years.
soon after that we decided to stop our hosting services as a company
i got a job @ Gaming-Solutions.com also known as ViTiNetwork it is also a GameHosting service provider.
i realy enjoyed that job. it was way bigger more stuff to do many more servers to manage clients to support.
but the job came to an end.
i still provide game servers for a lan party that is called.
JoinedForces its also part of JoinTheForce online gaming community.
at this moment i do manage some servers of some non profit organizations as a volunteer.
JoinTheForce, Unreal-Battles, Bunny Track, GameRoom
and i still have my own little hostings Non-Profit called ForceGameHosting.
so i have already 10 years experiance with gamehosting.

Future plans

i do have plans bringing ForceGameHosting Back to life as a Hosting Company again
when the time is ready for it ofcourse

Kind Regards Maykel